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Non Trackside Sponsor Rules
Non Trackside Sponsor Rules
Sentinel Scheme Rules
There have been some minor changes to the Sentinel Scheme Rules (June 2015) in relation to becoming direct subscribers to the Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS). Please find the latest copy of the rules here:

Sentinel Scheme Rules
Training Solutions Communications
Training Development Updates have now been added to this site to assist with locating the latest information on training, assessments and competences.

The latest updates are located here.
RTAS Rules
The RTAS Rules have been rewritten and are issued as an interim set of rules pending a more detailed rewrite due in 2014. These interim rules have been updated to reflect best practice across the rail training industry and will be enforced from 6 January 2014.

Rail Training Accreditation
Scheme Rules

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Take Down of LKT/SW Competence – 28.01.2016

Individuals who hold the LKT/SW competence who have not had the completion of the LKT e-Learning event registered on Sentinel will have their LKT/SW competency taken down, with the reason ‘non-completion of LKT e-Learning’ recorded on their Sentinel profile under the Take Down tab.

This will prevent them from using the competence until the e-Learning is completed and registered on Sentinel.

Note that this will not affect newly qualified LKT/SW competence holders who are required to undertake the e-Learning as part of their post training development, and who will have up to 12 months after the initial competence is awarded to satisfy the post training development requirements.


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