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Non Trackside Sponsor Rules
Non Trackside Sponsor Rules
Sentinel Scheme Rules
There have been some minor changes to the Sentinel Scheme Rules (June 2015) in relation to becoming direct subscribers to the Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS). Please find the latest copy of the rules here:

Sentinel Scheme Rules
Training Solutions Communications
Training Development Updates have now been added to this site to assist with locating the latest information on training, assessments and competences.

The latest updates are located here.
RTAS Rules
The RTAS Rules have been rewritten and are issued as an interim set of rules pending a more detailed rewrite due in 2014. These interim rules have been updated to reflect best practice across the rail training industry and will be enforced from 6 January 2014.

Rail Training Accreditation
Scheme Rules

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New arrangements for Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS)

From the 1st April 2015 Network Rail and London Underground require all Sentinel members (track worker community) to join the transport industry scheme CIRAS; an independent and confidential reporting service.

CIRAS can benefit any member of staff that wishes to report safety and health concerns that might otherwise go unreported, for example the vibration of certain trains causing back problems. The scheme offers a protective safety net to capture any worker concerns before they potentially manifest into an incident, resulting in loss of life or damaging an organisations’ reputation.

CIRAS have written to all Sentinel members to update and inform them of the changes that are going to be made. This includes the CIRAS subscription arrangements from the 1st April 2015 and also a request that the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) support Network Rail and London Underground to administer these arrangements.

Network Rail will initiate changes to the RISQS audit questionnaire that will make CIRAS membership a mandatory field. The advantage for both Network Rail and London Underground in applying this to the supply chain is that it can and has been shown to prevent accidents. The safety data collected by CIRAS can be used to identify system vulnerabilities and gain a better understanding of the root causes of potential incidents.

If you require further information regarding these changes please call CIRAS on 020 3142 5367, email ciras.finance@ciras.org.uk.

More information about CIRAS can be found at www.ciras.org.uk.


The Sentinel Enhancement Programme Team
Network Rail