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With the new Sentinel card system now up and running there are questions that are frequently posed to the various helpdesk support teams as well as via the Sentinel website. We have collated the most common questions and can now respond to them.

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Sentinel Scheme Rules
The latest copy of the scheme rules can be found here:

Sentinel Scheme Rules
RTAS Rules
The RTAS Rules have been rewritten and are issued as an interim set of rules pending a more detailed rewrite due in 2014. These interim rules have been updated to reflect best practice across the rail training industry and will be enforced from 6 January 2014.

Rail Training Accreditation
Scheme Rules

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The ‘Forgotten Card’ facility on Sentinel

Who does this affect?

All checkers of Sentinel cards throughout the rail industry.

The Sentinel Forgotten Card functionality

What happens if that individual has forgotten their card?

Safety is core to everything we do. An individual must carry their Sentinel card all the time they are working. We have kept the rule that it's mandatory to carry and present your Sentinel card. However, we know that occasionally anyone may forget their card. As the Sentinel system is a live database, we can still get information without swiping a card.

How do we use the ‘Forgotten Card’ facility?

  1. The card checker must have their card. This is mandatory. The card checker cannot get to their part of the Sentinel application without swiping a valid card.
  2. Once in the application, the card checker has the option of using the ‘Forgotten Card’ facility.
  3. An individual can only be checked using the Forgotten Card facility a maximum of three times in 12 months. More than that the Forgotten Card facility will return a ‘deny access’ anytime they try to enter the work site without having their actual card authenticated. A full step‐by‐step ‘Guidance Note on Forgotten Cards’ can be found here.


The Sentinel Enhancement Programme Team
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